Content Gorilla Review, Is It A SCAM?

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Content Gorilla Review

Content Gorilla Review, Is It A Scam, Read This BEFORE You Join!

Chances are you landed here on this post because you’re looking for more information about Content Gorilla Review, Is It A Scam.

Today we’ll answer these questions: Is Content Gorilla Review a Scam? and is it a viable way to make valuable content in 2019 and beyond?

Thousands of people are asking this question, and today we’ll find out the honest truth.

Here’s the kicker: Content Gorilla is a tool to copy the content from a YouTube video and repurpose it for your blog. Content Gorilla has an affiliate opportunity that compensates its affiliate members with commissions for sharing the opportunity with others.

I have found that there are a lot of conflicting reports about this product online, so I thought I would take a look myself and see what all the fuss is about.

In fact, there are many opportunities online but let's dive into the Content Gorilla Review, Is It A Scam in detail...

Content Gorilla Review:

Product Name: Content Gorilla

Product Type: Content Procurement Tool for Youtube

Creators: Neil Napier and Ijlal Ahmed

Founded: June 2019

Website: getcontentgorilla.com

Price: See information below for membership plans and monthly fees.

Refund: 30 Days

Best For: People who don't want to write their own content.


Summary:  After thoroughly reviewing and analyzing it (read what I have discovered below), I can safely say Content Gorilla is not a scam. The product does capture some content.

Recommended: Not a horrible product, but also not the best, especially for long-term online success.

content gorilla review

What Is Content Gorilla Review?

This program is a tool to capture content from Youtube videos and repurpose if for your blog posts.  The software was created by Neil Napier and Ijlal Ahmed.

The site claims that in less than 60 Seconds with Content Gorilla you can take capture everything from the Youtube video to use as a blog post.

It seems that the common focus throughout the website is primarily on taking closed captioned content from someone's Youtube video and converting it into text for a blog post. 

What I found by demoing the software is that it captured sub-par content that is not human readable compliant.  Meaning, it is not in the format that a reader would want to consume.  This results in poor ranking by the search engines.

Content Gorilla does not teach you how to curate your own content, like ​our top recommended training course will​, rather encourage you to promote other people's content on your blog.

Let’s take a look at the details:

What Products Are Offered In Content Gorilla?

Basic Membership is $47 Annually.

Features they claim the software will do:

  • Quick Convert
  • Create Content in 105+ Languages
  • Auto Add Relevant Images
  • Built-In Content Spinner
  • Built-In Grammar Correction
  • Fetch Featured Image
  • Video Tags to Post Tags
  • Multi Publish
  • Bulk Post
  • Article Rewriter
  • Post Later Feature
  • Simple, Easy & Powerful Admin Area
  • Use On Up To 10 Websites
  • No Bandwidth Cost
  • Full Time Support
  • Building A WordPress Site

The information about the software appears very interesting.

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I found, there are some additional options in the form of One Time Offers (OTO) when you purchase your system.

The OTO #1 - Content Gorilla $47-67 - Year

  • Tray Feature - This is where you can put up to 10 videos and combined them in one post.  With this you should be able to create longer posts.
  • Social Network Posts - You can use Buffer Site to post on social Media.
  • Content Scheduler - You can schedule to post your content on your blog pages.  You have to choose the frequency of post mode and select some specific keywords.
  • Bonus - Training from the creators that teaches the fastest way to make money on the Gorilla Website.
The OTO #2 - Content Gorilla $77-127 - Annually
  • Agency account where you have the rights to use Content Gorilla to make content for customers.
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Results from the
Content Gorilla Review

See Conclusion Below:


  • Initial Cost
  • Quality of Site
  • Great for Content Ideas


  • Content Capture Doesn't Work 75% Of The Time
  • Marketing Training is Limited
  • Produced Content is Not Easily Readable
  • No Training on Keyword Research
  • Stated Bonuses Are Not Available Yet 

What I Like Most About Content Gorilla

1. The Initial Cost  

The basic system is very cost effective at $47.00. Pretty much anyone who wants to get the software could get setup with Content Gorilla at that price.

2. Quality Of The Site 

What you get for the price is really pretty good.

With the system you truly need…

  • NO Hosting for the software
  • NO Domain Name Required
  • NO Content Writing

So there is a lot of value in the system.

But wait, there's more!

3. Great for Content Ideas

This tool is great for gathering ideas about content for your blog posts.

You can quickly do research on what others have already written about for basic keywords.

“When we create something, we think, ‘Will our customers thank us for this?’ I think it’s important for all of us to be thinking about whatever marketing we’re creating; is it really useful to our customers? Will they thank us for it? I think if you think of things through that lens, it just clarifies what you’re doing in such a simple, elegant way.”

Ann Handley

What I Dislike About Content Gorilla

1. Content Capture Doesn't Work 75% of the Time 

So, while using the software I found that approximately 75% of the time the content capture did not work as described.

I found, the content captured would be a complete run on with no punctuation at all!  Or it would be HTML code.  

I tried with one short article to capture the text and edit it.  Which took me over an hour to clean it up and get a blog post up.  I will put the link here so everyone can see what it is like.


In my opinion, and the people I had take a look at this post.  Even after over an hour of tweaking and editing what was scraped from the Youtube video via Content Gorilla is difficult to read. 

2. Training For Marketing Is Limited

The software is good.  But we all know that without traffic to any site there will be no sales.

You will not learn how to build a website that attracts organic traffic.

This is a huge downside, because learning the skills to build a website that brings in organic traffic is incredibly important!

You know, having your own virtual real estate online for ranked keywords is invaluable.  

The goal is to have content that answers the questions that people are searching for daily in the search engines like Google and Bing.

In my opinion, having you own website is paramount for success in the online world.

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3. Produced Content is Not Easily Readable

As mentioned above, most of the scraped content is not in an easily readable format.  Meaning it has no punctuation and has multiple grammatical errors.

If your blog posts don't make sense for the reader, the Google Algorithm will recognize that it is not original or readable content, and punish your blog for it. 

I was surprised to find, there is no mention of any training on how to drive traffic to your blog or affiliate site to generate sales.  Other than then to use the software to produce content.

4. No Training on Keyword Research. 

We all know that for success online, keyword research is imperative .

However, nowhere in Content Gorilla do they cover any extensive training about keyword research.  And how to rank your site for traffic.

5. BONUSes Are Not Available 

At the time of this blog post the software is around 2 week old.  They are calling it a BETA release.

Which is fine, however... You should not have on your sales page that you have all of these bonuses if you get started today.  Especially if  the bonuses are not available at the time of the sale.

ADDITIONAL: The only language available at the time of my Demo and this post for Content Gorilla Review is English.  In the support group on Facebook they advised multiple languages were at least 2 weeks out from being available.

Our Final Conclusion of Content Gorilla Review:

So, here are my Final Thoughts on Content Gorilla Review.

Generally, this is an average software with an affiliate opportunity through JVZoo.  It is an good system for a complete newbie to get their feet wet in the content procurement space.

I personally think there is a better way to learn these skills…

  • Learn how to build your own website that brings in Free traffic based on helping a niche audience.
  • Focus on selling helpful products related to that niche (via affiliate marketing, blogging, video marketing, email marketing)
  • Rinse and Repeat the process: expand traffic and profits

Honestly, I prefer a more long-term online business plan that requires less work over time and is better suited for success.

Any website or online marketing system that makes good money, provides its users with value in services or products.

I also prefer to have warm leads that are pre-targeted for my niche.

In other words, I like to rank valuable content naturally on Google and YouTube...based on what my niche audience is looking for on a daily basis.

This way my sales conversions are much higher.


Because daily, I’m giving people what they want, when they want it through Valuable Content.

I’m making contact with them via my website which helps them with information about something that they are looking for in the midst of the buying process.

That’s all an effective online business has to do.... To Succeed Online!

That’s truly a simple online marketing system that anyone can do.

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Thanks for checking out the Content Gorilla Review, Is It A Scam...

Was Content Gorilla Review, Is It A Scam for you?  Do you have any experience with the program? Do me a favor, please share with us in our comments area.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info. This adds no cost to you.  This does help me focus on giving as much value as possible in every single post by being compensated for recommending products that I love using.

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  • Stella says:


    From what you say here, Content Guerrilla is not a scam, but it’s content spinner is 75% faulty!

    As it was just founded recently, it is a shame the founders did not make the components of this system bullet proof.

    Someone could take their idea and make a much better version of it to their loss.  And they could lose out big time as their idea is a pretty neat one.  Make a suggestion for them to go back to the drawing board and fix the content and article spinner bugs in the system.

    Wishing you success,


    • Brian says:

      Stella, thanks for your comment.  I personally think the creators were in too much of a hurry to take it to market.  There is definitely space for great improvement with Content Gorilla.

  • Shane Fegan says:

    Content procurement is an interesting niche area that is highly relevant as many people embark on creating and developing their own websites.

    The problem with Content Gorilla appears to be the usability of the content grabbed via Content Gorilla, there is not much use in extracting data that does translate to being user-friendly and operationally sound for your website.

    Limited training is also a drawback.

  • Gomer says:

    Have you encountered Article To Video Robot? I think it’s like Content Gorilla. It will also convert article content into video content, so for those who are “video shy,” they will have a chance to have their articles done in video format. In what I can see, Content Gorilla is more affordable than Article To Video Robot because it’s just $47 annually while the other one runs at several hundred dollars. When my budget is no longer that tight, I may try this Content Gorilla as well and we’ll see how it goes.

  • Linda says:

    Oh how interesting! I do something similar but for school myself. I look at different YouTube videos where I get my research from and it really helps. Sometimes even typing what they speak and just editing it into my own words. However, I suggest this is not always done from one video, but various ones. 

  • Stacii says:

    Thank you so much for this review. Content Gorilla seemed very impressive from the outside. The initial setup cost of $47.00 is more than reasonable and would pull many persons into subscribing without a second thought. However, I noticed that there are other costs and additions that go all the way up to $127.00 per year. Now if I were to spend this I would definitely need to know that this software will do what it says that it sets out to.

    Now after making this investment, it is sad to know that Content Capture Doesn’t Work 75% Of The Time. As you invest in your future, but this seems to be a hindrance. Plus you are not giving all the tools required to succeed.

    On a whimp, the software sounds appealing but I am looking to invest in my future and based on all the negatives, plus the fact that this is a newly developed company. I would definitely think to find the complete package elsewhere as you suggested.

    Overall, this was a great post and I enjoyed the read. Keep up the good work.

  • Henry says:

    Hi! I find this product cost-effective if it puts YouTube videos into text. It probably won’t be a good program for newbies that don’t know what works and what doesn’t in affiliate marketing. But it really seems to be a time-saver for those of us that must constantly research for our blogs. Even though we have to curate our post after using Content Gorilla, it’s still a time-saver. I’ll go and check it out! Could you give me a brief example of a text generated by Content Gorilla? Thanks in advance.

    • Brian says:

      Henry, I don’t have a screenshot of the content captured by Content Gorilla.  But it would be like your comment all run together without any punctuation. 😁

  • Elaine Nicol says:

    Thanks for this review on Content Gorilla. It sounds like a cumbersome program that will actually make your work as an online marketer less effective, even if it helps you get good content ideas.

    Readability of and usefulness of content is more important that keywords and amount of content, so it’s better for a blogger to stick with working templates and create the content yourself. If you cannot do that, I think you are in the wrong field, or at least the wrong niche. You should be writing about something you personally care about, something you know that can help people, and if you do that, the content should flow conversationally, be unique, and readable.

    Keep on sharing,  ~ Elaine

    • Brian says:

      Elaine, thanks for your comments.  I agree with you 100%.  We should all be curating our own content.  Content Gorilla promotes copying other’s works. 

  • John says:

    Thanks for this review of Content Gorilla, Brian, I have seen this being promoted around the Net but wasn’t sure what it was.

    I have seen similar software like this in action and I guess it can save you a bit of time, but if in this case if it’s not in a readable format then I guess it defeats the purpose.

    I think I’ll stick to creating my own content.

    Nice review 🙂


  • Ayockson says:

    hello Brian. thanks for sharing the brilliant article. From your article i learned the content Gorilla is a great deal for affiliate opportunities. And the facts that it is not a scam is a perfect deal for someone like me, a because i have being scam many times online.

    Looking at the annual subscription $47.00 is very affordable. I will definitely try it out, specially for the youtube videos.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post, wish you more success on this journey.

  • >