Launching a 30 Day Content Challenge. Why I am So FOCUSED!

30 Day Challenge

Launching a 30 Day Content Challenge

So why have I taken on this 30 day content challenge?  Well, it has been proven that if you do something everyday for a period of at least 21 days it establishes a habit.

What is a habit?

hab·it  /ˈhabət/


  1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. "we stayed together out of habit"

Why are habits important?

I have found that if I don't have a good habit or Daily Method of Operation.  I know that I honestly won't typically do the work.  

And we all know that when we don't do the work, we don't get the results we are looking for.

Many times I find that I can spend all day in front of my computer but never really get anything done.

When I have a set plan/habit I know I am much more productive.

Content Challenge Decision

My Mentor David Sharpe with Legendary Marketer recently proposed a 30 Day Content Challenge to the group of marketers.

And the response to the idea was overwhelming... 

Based on when you reading this.  You could have found this post at the beginning, middle or the end of my original 30 Day Content Challenge.

But it's okay now matter when you found this!  My plan is to continue after this first challenge is completed.

This 30 Day Content Challenge I'm writing about here was launched on October 1st, 2019.

Why Am I So Focused

In the past I have attempted multiple times to participate and complete these 30 day challenges without success.

There were many reasons I failed.  Mostly it was because of my poor mindset.  

During this challenge I have laid out a path through daily mindset training to help stay focused on this endeavour. 

If you need help with mindset, don't hesitate to leave a comment and I would be happy to share what I use daily.

To answer "Why Am I So Focused", I am focused because I have seen the amazing results others have had by participating and completing similar 30 day challenges.

Many say that it was life changing not only in their businesses but in there personal lives.

Syndication of the 30 Day Content Challenge

My plans are to distribute this daily content on my blog, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  

You can consume my content above by clicking on any of the links.

I will be focused this month on Affiliate Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Join a FREE 30-Day Traffic Bootcamp

Dave and the crew at Legendary Marketer are currently offering this as a FREE 30-Day Traffic Bootcamp teaching you how to create content that will bring you leads and sales for years to come!

I'm super excited about this and had to let you know because are they teaching people EXACTLY what they need to create success...

Not only how to start creating content, but they are also helping provide a level of accountability that is absolutely required for success...

They are even giving you content topics so you don't get stuck trying to come up with what to do...

AND they have a whole bunch of fabulous prizes including an all expense paid trip for two to Cabo, Mexico that YOU could win just for staying the course and actually finishing the challenge!

This is for you... 

If you KNOW you need to start creating content but struggle with actually getting it done or being consistent...

Or are looking for real help in learning HOW to create content that generates leads and sales for years to come...

OR you are just looking for a challenge for the next 30 days are ready to grow and get better...

Then, this content challenge is totally for you!

If you have ever signed up with us for the Legendary Marketer membership or 15-Day Challenge, then you can get access ASAP...

Have You Been A Member Before

IF you've never signed up for any training from Legendary Marketer, then you can get it as a HUGE free bonus for just signing up for the $7 15-Day Business Challenge.

You will learn how to, create a high-profit online business, get your own funnel set up, personal assigned coach, etc - everything that is included in the 15-Day Business Challenge for just $7...

You will also get access to a 30-Day bootcamp that they could easily charge a couple hundred dollars for!

All you need to do is sign up HERE!

The 30 Days start TODAY so don't wait!!!


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  • Loved the article, great job. Loving this 30 day traffic bootcamp.
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